Norwegian Climate Monitor is a coordinated data collection effort across society. The ain is to provide an ongoing and systematic description of the work with, and attitudes towards, climate change adaptation. The project recognizes that everyone in society has a responsibility: the individual, households, private companies, and authorities. The project will therefore collect data from all of these, in the form of various surveys, and make the results openly available to the users of Noradapt. 

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Plantemangfald AS
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
DIGSSCORE (Universitetet i Bergen)
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Researcher and PhD student
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    A new service called Norwegian Climate Monitor was launched on 13 December 2021 in Sogndal. The purpose of the initiative is to collect and share new data on climate change adaptation from all parts of society. "This is an important contribution to Norwegian society" says Carlo Aall, the Head of Noradapt. "Bot research and governance are impatient to learn how far climate adaptation measures have come. Unfortunately, our data show that the pace remains too slow", says Aall.