Norwegian Centre for Energy Transition Strategies (NTRANS)

Norwegian Center for Energy Transition Strategies (NTRANS) is one of two centers that have been granted the status of new research centers for environmentally friendly energy (FME). Research partners at the center are: Western Norway Research lnstitute, HVL, NTNU, SINTEF, University of Oslo, NHH and SNF in Bergen and IFE (lnstitute of Energy Technology). In addition, NTRANS includes 30 user partners from private and public sector as well as ten international leading partners.

Western Research should contribute to the following research areas:

  1. Deep decarbonization and wide societal changes. Deep decarbonization is a cross-sectoral, society-wide transition, involving changing the logics of production, distribution, and consumption of electricity, mobility, and other goods and services across scales, spaces, and markets.
  2. Accelerating the transition. Aims to provide new knowledge on how to achieve radical climate mitigation goals by accelerating the energy transition through studies of: (1) how to alter the rate and direction of innovation activities, (2) how knowledge and financial resources can be mobilized at scale, and (3) which types of policy design and policy coordination arrangements across sectors, scales, and policy domains can accelerate the energy transition.
  3. Radical transition of the transport sector. It will analyse how the transition towards zero emission transport in 2050 and 50% reduction in 2030 can be supported by different strategies and policy.
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