Big data

Recent technology allows for the collection of massive volumes of data. These datasets are not only huge, but complex, including unstructured, heterogeneous data, image, video, and human language. Hence, entirely innovative approaches are needed to handle them.

We use data science methods to build predictive models to help with decision support tasks.
Our research focus is on identifying value that big data can provide from the discovery of strategic information up to its analysis and exploitation. We delve into different ways of representing and analysing big data to make it amenable to valuable insight discovery.
Our group  collaborates with international partners from academia and the public and private sectors. It receives funding from national and international funding agencies.
Some of the areas on which we focus are:
●    Data quality and healthcare big data,
●    Big data in emergency management,
●    Knowledge engineering techniques and applications for organization, analysis, management, and reuse of data
●    Data analytics in healthcare, energy, transport, aquaculture and disaster response.