Research-based technology innovation in Sogn og Fjordane

Research-based technology innovation in Sogn og Fjordane (TEKNOLØFT Sogn og Fjordane) aims to strengthen a priority research area at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Vestlandsforsking with increased capacity and expertise on digitalization and automation, and make the R&D activities more relevant to the business community in Sogn og Fjordane.

The project goal is to increase the business sector's use of research in development and innovation processes, and stimulate cooperation with new regional, national and international partners. The main initiatives in the project are to facilitate more step-by-step automation with robots in small and medium-sized businesses, and to nurture and develop a strong knowledge plattform on Big Data, which enables business to be able to use existing and new data for innovation. The commitment is to add top skills in the R&D areas, and educate new doctoral fellows on business-relevant issues. The project will also develop new postgraduate and further education programs and a new master's degree focusing on robotics and digitalization to increase access to relevant and competent labor for the business community in the region. The project will contribute to restructuring and innovation in businesses and one important part of the project is aimed at sharing knowledge, use cases and competence in a collaboration between the R&D activities and business community.

TEKNOLØFT Sogn og Fjordane focuses on a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses in Sogn og Fjordane to maximize the potential for digitalization, robotization and automation so that they can meet the challenges of the digital shift. There will be a special focus on cooperation with ICT businesses at the forefront in digitaliization of production and services, production industries and the energy industry

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