• Rindabotn - Kyrre Groven

    The future of the Hodlekve ski area is on the agenda and through a new, European research project led by Vestlandsforsking, researchers will study how Sogndal municipality invites people to take part in the process. "The project is about working with nature-based solutions in a way that allows more people to have their voices heard. We will also develop a method that can handle conflicts of interest in a constructive way", says project manager Irmelin Gram-Hanssen.

  • Joaquin i snøen

    A sus quince años vivió La Guerra del Agua en su ciudad natal Cochabamba, Bolivia. Ese fue el comienzo de su compromiso y dedicación por la justicia socioambiental.

  • kvinner utandørs

    Can a couple of nights in a tent and around the campfire make a difference for people who are in a difficult life situation, struggling to cope with everyday life, or feeling lonely? A Polish organization is testing out Norwegian-inspired outdoor activities as a form of group therapy. They draw on insight from Vestlandsforsking about the Norwegian outdoor tradition, commonly referred to as 'friluftsliv'.

  • teknologi

    Are you curious about how artificial intelligence affects our society, or whether social media can be a resource for public services? Do you find it exciting to explore how digitization impacts school, work, and leisure? These are some of the questions for research within the Technology and Society group
    at the research institute.

  • Fem unge menneske rundt PC og bord med gule lappar

    From 16.-17. of November, a set of research institutions in western Norway organise an inter-disciplinary climate change adaptation workshop of particular relevance to practitioners in municipalities. "In recent years, nature-based solutions have been gaining interest from the government and a growing number of municipalities are catching on as well," says Hanna Kvamsås, a researcher at Norce.

  • Gruppe med vaksne forskarar av begge kjønn står oppstilt i lobby

    A recently initiated research project seeks to develop new methods to combat online hate speech and misinformation. The project has a total budget of more than NOK 19 million and is coordinated by Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI).
    "This is an ambitious project which combines research and innovation to contribute to solving a societal problem", says project coordinator Rajendra Akerkar.