Vacant position in Technology and Society

Bjørn Christian Weinbach and Malin Waage joined Western Norway Research Institute in 2022. Bjørn Christian (left) holds a master's in data science and will soon be a PhD student in big data. Malin holds a PhD in marine geology and geophysics and has previous experience from the petroleum industry. (Photo: Western Norway Research Institute)

Are you curious about how artificial intelligence affects our society, or whether social media can be a resource for public services? Do you find it exciting to explore how digitization impacts school, work, and leisure? These are some of the questions for research within the Technology and Society group
at the research institute.

Westerm Norway Research Institute has a vacant position in the interdisciplinary research field of Technology and Society, which currently comprises 16 individuals with backgrounds from various fields, ranging from geotechnics to media studies and computer science.

Interdisciplinary technological background

The ideal candidate for the position is someone with an interdisciplinary technological degree. In addition, the candidate should preferably have previous experience in one or more of these areas:

  • digitalization and technology-driven innovation in businesses and the public sector
  • regional development and innovation
  • gender, diversity, and technology
  • green transition, digitalization transformation, and an inclusive working life
  • societal aspects of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence

"The researchers in our group share an interest in the impact of technology on society and how society influences technology development. We study the many connections between technology and society and how technology can be used in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way," says Head of Research Hilde G. Corneliussen.

Deadline for applications: January 15th

The position, which is advertised with a deadline in mid-January, can accommodate candidates with very different backgrounds. The institute is primarily looking for candidates with a PhD, but also encourages applicants with a master's degree and experience in a relevant field.

The technology and society group has several research and development projects underway and we look forward to welcoming a new researcher, says Corneliussen.

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