From ashes to biochar – possibility study for circular value chain development by biochar in Sogn

Simas IKS handles large amounts of biodegradable waste (biowaste) for 7 municipalities in Sogn region. The food waste is composted in Festingedalen, while large amounts of other biowastes are sent by long-distance transport for incineration and energy recovery in Østfold / Sweden. This handling is not in line with UNs sustainability goals or the company's strategic goals, since this practice don´t utilizes residual resources in the waste optimally. Furthermore, today´s handling is expensive and emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. Simas will therefore look for opportunities to develop a new circular value chain for biowaste in the region, by producing biochar by pyrolysis. The biochar can be mixed with the compost they produce, and the combination product can be used for soil improvement, climate measures / carbon storage and climate adaptation in green areas, gardens and agricultural soil. There is a need for a pre-project, which can provide the necessary knowledge about potential, drivers and barriers for the production and use of biochar in the region. There is also a need for R&D to ensure that such a change actually results in a climate benefit and a more sustainable utilization of biowastes. We will investigate whether biochar can create synergies in circular value chains in the region, by increasing yields / value creation in agriculture or function as long-term carbon storage and climate adaptation measures in agricultural land and green spaces. We will use life cycle analysis (LCA) to compare environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions at different handling possibilities of Simas' biowaste. The pre-project will also conduct a literature analysis to find theoretical carbon storage potential for biochar from various biowastes and production methods, to estimate the convenience of using biochar in typical soils found in Vestland county. This is important in order to be able to stipulate the climate gain, different value chain actors will have by using biochar for various purposes. The results of FØNIKS, will be decisive for proceedings in a main project and further plans for a full-fledged circular economy for biowastes and other waste res

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