Making transborder climate risks tangible for adaptation actions (Transadapt)

Transborder climate risks (TCRs) differ from conventional risks of climate change in that the consequences of climate change in one country can spread to other countries through different pathways. In international literature, a distinction is made between seven such pathways: trade, finance, people, psychological, geopolitical, biophysical, and infrastructure. In this prosject, themain focus will be on trade. The main objective of the project is to investigate and show how TCRs can become a salient issue for cross-sectoral and multi-scalar governance.

To address the main objectives, the project will pursue the following sub-objectives:
1. Develop an indicator based top-down way of analysing TCRs at a national level
2. Demonstrate how to analyse TCRs for specific industry sectors
3. Demonstrate how to analyse risk ownership along and across value-chains and policy levels
4. Analyse multi-level and cross-sector governance for adapting to TCRs

Two industries are selected for doing case analysis: Fish farming in Nordland county and livestock production in Sogn. The project is a cooperation between Western Norway Research Institute (lead partner), Stockholm environment institute, Norce climate, Norland research institute, and CICERO Center for international Climate Research.

August 2023:  Workshop on cross-border climate risks and livestock production in Sogn

VG 3.june 2023: The drought in Spain is visible from space

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