Effects from COVID 19 on cruise tourism to Western Norway (ECOVET)

Cruise tourism in Norway has grown rapidly since the turn of the millennium and most of the future growth in Norway was predicted to arrive in Western Norway. Cruise tourism has contributed to value creation along the Norwegian coast. COVID-19 has had a large impact on tourism industry globally and especially cruise tourism. A significant reduction in cruise tourism is expected for the 2020 season due to COVID-19.

This project will do analyses to find the impact of reduced cruise tourism for Western Norway. The analyses will be based on the three pillars of sustainability: (1) How large is the revenue decline from reduced cruise tourism to Western Norway? (2) What are the effects of a season with reduced cruise tourism on pollution levels in Western Norway? (3) How do local population and Norwegian tourists experience cruise destinations in a situation with reduced cruise tourism?

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    Very few cruise ships visited the fjords of Western Norway this summer, and hardly any cruise tourists walked the streets of the region's cruise destinations. Western Norway Research Institute is conducting a study on the consequences of this anomaly, and local reactions to the absence of cruise tourists is one aspect.

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    A new study will examine how the cruise tourism in Western Norway has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This autumn, Western Norway Research Institute is starting up three new research projects pertaining to the future of tourism in light of not only the coronavirus, but also the climate crisis.