Comparative analysis of the adaption policy landscape in the Nordic region

This project aims to investigate, analyze and compare adaptation progress in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). It will look at the policy and legislative landscape and identify any differences and similarities between the Nordic countries and analyze the implications of these in terms of progress made. The comparative analysis will include legislative framework, policy instruments, analytical approaches, financing mechanisms and level of cross-sectorial integration. The results can be used by the Nordic countries to learn from the experiences from others, and to improve the national adaptation work.


Press coverage: “Our commitment to co-operation on climate and environmental issues extends far beyond our own borders”

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Nordisk arbeidsgruppe for miljø og økonomi (Nordisk ministerråd)
In cooperation with:
Stockholm Environment Institute, University of Helsinki, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
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Research Professor
Research Professor and Reaserch Leader
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