Methods Development in Consumer Based Climate Accounting

The project aims to develop more precise and applicable indicators for consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions in Norwegian municipalities. The indicators are used to identify specific measures that can be introduced at the municipal level, to strengthen municipalities' ability to facilitate radical cuts in greenhouse gas emissions among their residents. Indicators and measures will be identified through a systematic review of the research frontier on consumption-based climate measures in line with the IPCC's latest climate report.

Additionally, the effect of the measures will be quantified based on novel research and Norwegian consumption figures. The project draws on insights from several previous Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI) projects, including the HOPE project on consumption-based emissions from households associated with transport, food and residential energy consumption, as well as the TRANSFORM project, which identified municipal room for manoeuvring in transitioning to a low-emission society. The project is part of the more encompassing Climate Budget 2.0-project, which studies measures that can be used to implement radical greenhouse gas reductions both locally and regionally. The project is a collaboration between Asker municipality, Trondheim municipality, Western Norway Research Instiute and Ducky

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