Carol Azungi
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Permisjon til 31.07.2019

Carol obtained her Doctoral (2008) with her thesis on: «ICT based development of marginal communities: Participatory approaches to communication, empowerment and civic engagement» from the University of Oslo. Her Master of Philosophy (2002) degrees on: «ICTs and the economic empowerment of rural women» was also obtained from the department of Media Studies, University of Oslo and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) (1996) in Mass Communication from Makerere University, Uganda focused on: « Women’s media representations».

Carol’s research interest revolves around the relationships and tensions between Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), marginalization and social change. She is particularly interested in how theories, policies and implementation processes and practices embed the needs, capacities and participation of disadvantaged communities of interest. In addition, she looks at the changes and continuities in relation to gendered careers in within and outside academia in the context of technology driven economies - such as Norway.

Carol is also Associate Professor with NLA Gimekollen in Kristiansand Norway where she has developed curricular, supervises and lectures Media and Journalism Masters courses: «Media, gender and social justice», «ICT and Empowerment» and «Global journalism» in Uganda and Norway.