Bridging the Digital Divides: Exploring the Principles of the Community Multimedia Centre Model in Uganda


In: Rønning, H. and Orgeret K. (eds.) Power of Communication: Changes and Challenges. P 285-310. Unipub, Oslo

The power of communication draws attention to the role of the media and communication in politics and development on the African continent. The role of the media in terms of social change in Africa is analysed and discussed here, through chapters examining experiences from Ethiopia, Mozambique, South-Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Through a number of concrete analyses, a broad spectrum of significant topical issues are discussed: political trajectories and the media; the role of public broadcasters; journalistic practices; the rise of tabloids; the dynamics of the relation between the crisis in Zimbabwe and the media; the role of ICTs in processes of social and political change; how different media may influence development in different areas; and how new technologies are used, and by whom, in relation to Community Multimedia Centres and also diasporic media.

All together, the book presents new insights into how different media provide spaces for political development, communication and change in Africa.