ICTs, Youth and the Politics of Participation in Rural Uganda


In: Mundhai, O.F., Tettey W. and Banda, F. (eds.) African Media and the Digital Public Phere. Chapter 8. Palgrave McMillan Series in International Political Communication

African Media and the Digital Public Sphere examines, from theoretical and empirical perspectives, the claims that new information and communication technologies (ICTs) are catalysts of democratic change in Africa. Contributors do so from optimist, pragmatist-realist and pessimist stances through analyses of words and deeds of various political actors and organizations or institutions, from government units to political parties and party leaders to civil society organizations and minority groups. It is the first such publication contributed to by various African and Africanist scholars, based in Africa and around the world, whose research and/or practice activities focus on the relationship between new digital media and democracy on the continent.