Virtual identities of Muslim Women in Norway

This project aims to investigate the ways in which immigrant Muslim women in Norway engage with social media and how they make sense of the media content they consume and produce. The project addresses issues related to: the discourse on Islam in relation to gender, online media production and consumption, self-presentation, identity, participation and the discourse on immigration. Through primarily qualitative research methodologies carried out by three highly qualified female and multicultural researchers, this investigation promises interesting empirical and theoretical analysis of immigrant Muslim womens' encounters, relationship with and reflections on the liberative promise of online media.

The research also aims to provide insights into the complex forms of interaction where immigrant Muslim women in Norway navigate the unique contours of their identities as Muslim, as women, as immigrants and as residents in Norway; and how these online interactions intersect with offline worlds. The study adopts approaches derived from what is commonly termed "British Cultural Studies". As such, it is not only concerned with what these women do on the Internat or the dynamics of their relationship with digital and online media, but most importantly, the social and interpersonal processes through which they construct and define the meanings of everyday life and of the society they live in through the process of media production and consumption. The study is equally concerned with issues of empowerment, agency and change especially within context of feminist discourse on patriarchal and religious hegemony and power.

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