By: Idun Husabø Anderssen, Crispin Webber, Roger Kelly and Otto Andersen

This report presents the results from a pilot action project on developing a network of actors to stimulate demand for locally produced biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester, FAME) from used cooking oils. (BioDieNet). The main subject of the project is the establishment of production, as well as the promotion, of biodiesel produced from used cooking oil (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester – UCOME).

This report deals specifically with Work Package 2 of the project, through which it is sought to establish the state of the art within the production of UCOME. This work has been led by Western Norway Research Institute. Forming the main basis of the report, surveys have been conducted among the project partners. The main objective of these surveys has been to establish the status quo on production of UCOME in the ten countries in question: Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. Subcontract works performed by Thames Energy have provided information on the financial, health and safety issues connected with biodiesel production in general and UCOME in particular. In addition, literature surveys have been conducted to obtain an overview of relevant projects and initiatives in Europe.