Mai 2023

Today, the amount of data collected by and available to businesses for value exploitation is increasing exponentially. However, we know less about businesses' willingness, knowledge, capability, and plans to exploit their data and take advantage of artificial intelligence and data for value gain. The small village of Sogndal, which hosts the location of the SAIDD symposium, is part of the larger region of Sogn og Fjordane. Here, many technology-, robotics-, and artificial intelligence-rooted companies and research groups have their primary location. Does this affect the general business life's ability and understanding of adopting digital technologies? What is the status quo of digital maturity among businesses here? To answer these questions, a questionnaire has been sent out to businesses in the region and the results will be presented at the symposium. The answers are important to better understand how data- , technology-, and robotics-science can contribute to strengthening the local business life.