Indicators for climate change adaptation of buildings and infrastructure in municipalities

This project will further develop indicators for climate adaptation in municipalities, and adapt these to Western Norway. The project will build on existing research, and will primarily be a continuation of the project «Indicators for measuring climate adaptation of physical areas, buildings and infrastructure in small, medium and large municipalities», which SINTEF prepares together with the Network for climate adaptation in Trøndelag. This project is based on the MRE model, as well as indicators developed for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the ZEN research center. The activity will also run in parallel with relevant work done on climate adaptation in the research center Climate 2050. The municipalities will have different starting points. We will therefore start with a review of the municipalities' ROS analysis, municipal plan and climate plan (municipal sub-plan for climate or thematic plan for climate). Furthermore, we look at the climate vulnerability analysis. If the municipalities have not prepared the documents mentioned above, their preparation will be useful input to the development of indicators and their relevance to Western Norway. We will further, using available data, develop a set of simple indicators for climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure in municipalities. We want to focus on indicators that can be graded and are comparable between municipalities and over time. The indicators must also distinguish at the actor level and how far the municipalities have come in the climate adaptation work. A user guide for the indicators must be prepared, and the indicators must be tested. We also want to develop economic indicators for climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure in the municipalities. This entails indicators for benefit / cost analyzes for investments where the expected effects of climate change are taken into account, and for budget allocation to climate adaptation measures. Furthermore, we want to develop indicators for climate adaptation in operation, for example in the form of maintenance costs. Relevant indicators must be quantified in the project.

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