Environmental technology and climate change adaptation

Vestlandsforsking will discuss the use and development of environmental technology in climate change adaptation work as a possible new focus area for business development in Sogn.  The purpose of the investigation is to 

  1. map views on - possibly proposals - for new environmental technologies to meet the challenges relating to climate change adaptation and
  2. evaluate the potential for a) establishing Sogn as a national meeting arena for this theme, and b) new businesses establishments in Sogn in this area.

Environmental technology is understood in this project as all technologies, products and solutions that directly or indirectly improve the environment; ie in this context adapting society to the consequences of expected climate change. The project will look at both "hard" and "soft" technology.  The "hard" includes technical changes in production processes and/or products (eg need for easier harvesting machines that come out on wet land), while "soft" includes changes in production processes and/or products (eg need new routines for fertilixation, soil cultivation and harvesting).

Lecture (Norwegian): Climate adaptation technology and business development

Article (Norwegian): It is urgent to protect ourselves from a changing climate

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