Analysis of climate change vulnerability for Nordland county

The purpose of the analysis is to obtain a better knowledge base that will form the basis of Nordland County Council's further role as planning authority and planning supervisor in climate change adaptation. The analysis will map possible consequences of climate change for Nordland County up to the year 2050 and 2100, and identify particularly vulnerable areas and terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystem services; and further examine how the possible consequences of climate change can affect service production. The analysis is based on a recently developed system for a national climate ranking of Norwegian municipalities developed by Noradapt and presented on the Norwegian Climate Monitor website ( climaterisk). In the project for Nordland county council, the system will be scaled down and further developed for use in a regional context.

The project is led by Nordlandsforskning. Contact: Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten

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Nordland Fylkeskommune
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