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Marta holds a Master of Social Science in Sociology from the University of Warsaw, Poland (2011) and a Master of Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, where she majored in Industrial Ecology (2014).

The title of her thesis was “Dynamics of energy and carbon emissions in residential building stocks – The role of solutions for single-family houses built between 1980-1990.” Her master’s degree covered subjects such as Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flow Analysis, Input/Output Analysis, Energy Management in Buildings and Environmental and Resource Economy.

During her studies, she also participated in various research projects, including a Polish-Norwegian project related to bio-waste energy and a project on uncertainties within Multi-Regional Input/Output data. She also obtained some experience with the verification of Environmental Product Declarations for building materials.

Marta has been employed as a research fellow at the Western Norway Research Institute since 2014. She has worked on projects that employ both quantitative and qualitative methods and that are nested in both national and international research networks. An example is the EU project Household preferences for reducing greenhouse gas Emissions in four European High Income Countries (HOPE) where Marta was responsible for the preparation of household surveys, along with developing a tool to account for households’ carbon footprints. Understanding the perspective of the households and exploring possibilities for motivating lifestyle changes is Marta's key interest in the project. In addition to work related to carbon footprints, she also employs Life Cycle Assessment methods within projects related to issues such as the carbon balance of forests in Western Norway (BalanC).