The impact of increasing spruce plantation area on the carbon balance of forests in Western Norway (BalanC)

This project will address important knowledge gaps on key processes behind carbon (C) cycling and its feedback to climate in relation to land use. It specifically deals with the effects of tree species change on C storage and its stability and vulnerability to decomposition/loss, the net C stock in the forest over a long term perspective, and the overall climate effect, including critical aspects often ignored: changes in albedo and wood product substitution on the total C balance of the forest system.

There is great uncertainty and thus great need for knowledge on processes behind natural and anthropogenic variability in greenhouse gas emission and removal trends from terrestrial ecosystems across various spatial and temporal scales in Northern Europe, and in particular in the Western Norway alpine areas which has been the subject of tree species change by means of spruce plantation.

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Boreal tree species change as a climate mitigation strategy: impact on ecosystem C and N stocks and soil nutrient levels, article in ESAJournals, Ecosphere, 2022

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