Smart rural cities: exchange of best practices with focus on effective cooperation between research and public sector

The research in technologies and concepts applicable in the Smart Cities is still evolving field in both the Czech Republic and Norway. The greatest weakness is the often undefined or missing link between research organizations and municipalities. This is especially valid for small and rural Smart Cities. Norwegian cities are at the forefront of Smart City implementation, but new models for collaboration are needed to make the Smart City development even more efficient.

The prime objective of the proposed activities is to strengthen the collaboration between WNRI and CTU-UCEEB through sharing knowledge and best practice in channeling the research outputs in the field of Smart Rural Cities from the research institution towards municipal policy-making. The both institutes share common research topics of rural smart cities working closely with municipalities below 20 000 inhabitants.

The project will enable development of joint H2020 proposal for the EE-09 call focused on energy efficient policies of public sector. Furthermore, both institutes will exchange know-how on joint projects in the field of Smart Rural Cities.

For this purpose an exchange of research and management staff from each of the partnering institutions will take place in March and April 2017. Topical site-visits will take place in Eid (NOR) and Bustehrad (CZE). The activities will contribute to the joint H2020 proposal and a report on applied research at the respective institutes relating to Smart Rural Cities topics.

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