Agnes Brudvik
Senior Researcher

Agnes has worked as researcher and project co-ordinator at Western Norway Research Institute since 2008. The main focuses of her current research are rural tourism, cultural tourism, sustainable tourism and sustainable leisure consumption. Her latest research also includes topics such as cultural heritage and tourism, social sustainability in Norwegian rural tourism, and carrying capacity analysis at tourism destinations.

Agnes holds a Ph.D. in Human Geography from the Department of Geography at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The main focus of the thesis is Norwegian rural tourism and how different types of family-owned businesses deal with external and internal challenges to ensure long-term survival.

Previously she has given lectures in nature based tourism at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Agnes has also worked as an editor, press contact and sales manager in the publishing house Skald AS in Leikanger. She has also been hired as a temporary head of the Norwegian Tourism Museum.

Agnes graduated from the University of Oslo in 2002, completing a Master's degree in Cultural History. Her Master’s thesis examined the ritualistic behaviour of cruise ship passengers travelling to Norway at the end of the 19th century. Agnes holds a 4-year cand. Mag. degree (BA) in History, Cultural History and German, from the Universities in Bergen, Oslo and Vienna, Austria.