Knowledge base for assessing carrying capacity of Eidfjord municipality centre

Photo of Eidfjord centre
Midsumer day in Eidfjord, 2024
Foto: Agnes B. Engeset

Eidfjord municipality wants to prepare a carrying capacity analysis as a knowledge base for better integrated visitor management and a plan for sustainable development of the municipal center. The knowledge base will provide guidelines for making good choices so that the municipality can better safeguard social, cultural, environmental, and economic values. The analysis should indicate what level is appropriate to safeguard broad value creation linked to social, economic, and environmental values.

On Midsummer's Day this year, Vestlandsforsking carried out fieldwork and found a lively municipal centre. Eidfjord has a long tradition of tourism and is home to accommodation centres, cafes and a cruise quay. At the same time, Rv7 runs through Eidfjord and forms the gateway to Hardangervidda, which attracts many travellers. In addition, Eidfjord is the municipal centre for the inhabitants, who come here for various services and activities.

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