Potential risk of loss of tourism comfort and destination attractiveness due to climate change

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This case are investigating how the reduction of beach availability and increased temperatures will have an impact on the attractiveness of the Balearic Islands as a tourist destination.

Case 1

Case content
The objective is to establish an estimate of relevant indicators acceptable to stakeholders, and to incorporate uncertainties to risk assessment. 

Research Innovations
To establish a robust estimate of the indicators and their relative weight in such a way that is well accepted by the stakeholders To investigate options to incorporate uncertainties into the final risk assessment from a mathematical point of view but also in a way that is well interpreted by the final users. 

Study areas
This will be done at local level (Balearic Islands), but we expect this to be extrapolable to other Mediterranean regions. 

Stakeholders involved
Local authorities with the responsabilities on tourism management and coastal management, hotel associations, researchers. In house generated data (estimates of beach reduction and changes in thermal confort), public data (statistics on tourism and demography). 

Expected results
A robust estimate of risks associated to the beach tourism that is well accepted by the main stakeholders and that can lead to doable adaptation strategies.