This report presents the results from a pilot action project on energy saving in transport of goods in three Nordic countries. The main object of the project is to develop and implement actions, strategies and measures for improved energy efficiency in transport of goods.

The project uses 3 cases of natural resource based industries, one from each of the three Nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Finland. The cases are fish export in Norway, wood (paper) export in Finland and agricultural products (mainly grain) in Sweden. One company in each of the three countries are selected and pilot actions are identified and carried out in each of the companies.

The project constitutes 3 main phases:

  1. Basic analytic activities,
  2. Pilot actions in 3 “case”-companies and
  3. Actions and measures in regional policies.

This report presents the results from phase 2 of the project. This phase has included pilot actions at three levels; reduction of fuel consumption, increased load factor and transfer of goods from road to rail and sea.

rapport2-01.pdf (1.64 MB)