Updating knowledge about the consequences of climate change in Norway

The project is a mission assignment for the Environment Directorate, where we, in cooperation with CICERO, will compile the knowledge based on the consequences of climate change for Norway based on new knowledge since NOU 20:2010 Adaptation to a climate-change, presented in 2010. Compilation of the knowledge base shall form the basis for the expert committe wich will assess climate-related risk factors, such as assessment of physical risk, and form the basis for the environmental directorate's delivery to KLD. Vestlandsforsking has the following tasks:

  1. Carlo All is the editor of the report
  2. Main responsibility for Chapter 6 Adaptation and Chapter 7 Adaptation Capacity
  3. Minor contributions to Chapters 3 and 4 and presentation for the Environment Directorate and the Climate risk committe
  4. Main responsibility for writing the summary
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Research Professor and Reaserch Leader
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Research Professor
Seniorforskar og gruppeleiar Teksam
Senior Researcher