Sustainability analysis of climate change adaptation measures

The project will result in a sustainability analysis for selected climate adaptation measures that are relevant to Rogaland. In the project, we will first map the climate vulnerability of the municipalities in Rogaland. This survey will then form the basis for the selection of climate adaptation measures to be analyzed. Technical criteria for climate adaptation measures must be described and quantified. In the sustainability analyzes, the partners must first define which sustainability goals the climate adaptation measures are to contribute to fulfilling. These goals will cover the dimensions of technical performance, economy, environmental friendliness, compliance with regulations and societal benefits. The project will then define the criteria to be used to measure goal achievement for the selected climate adaptation measures. In the next step, indicators will be prepared which in turn will be used to quantify these criteria. Due to uncertainty related to the climate of the future, scenarios will be included in the analysis, and it is the user partners who decide on the weighting of the various dimensions in the scenario analyzes. This three-step analysis; define goals, criteria and indicators, builds on existing and ongoing studies, and is an iterative process that requires strong user partner involvement.

The parties (municipalities and other stakeholders) shall jointly find out which goals and criteria are relevant for Rogaland, and find out what information and data are available that can add value to the indicators. The fourth step in the sustainability analysis is to rank the climate adaptation measures.

This ranking will provide the municipalities with a basis for choosing the most sustainable combinations of climate adaptation measures to mitigate the local vulnerabilities.

Project leader is SINTEF,  contact person is Maria Barrio

Project owner is Stavanger municipality, contact person is Hugo Kind

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