Strategic research program for innovation and value creation in tourism

Strategic research program for innovation and value creation in tourism" build on analyzes and recommendations from the project "A knowledge based Sogn og Fjordane" ( "A knowledge based Sogn og Fjordane" revealed that despite a natural and cultural world class resources the potential of further value creation in tourism in Sogn og Fjordane is weak because of major challenges in industry structure and expertise. It is therefore a need for research that contribute to the development of a competitive and sustainable industry with better profitability. There is also a need for more knowledge-intensive jobs in the industry.

Sogn og Fjordane University College and Vestlandsforsking are collaborating on the strategic research program. The cooperation also includes regional governments - Sogn og Fjordane county council, the County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane and Innovation Norway Sogn og Fjordane - and many businesses in the county involved both in tourism and other industries. There exists already good professional environments, networks and a bachelor degree in tourism in the county. The strategic program will build on this foundation and further develop, complement and strengthen to days research areas. By beeing relevant and cooperate with the tourism businesses in the county, the project shall contribute to a more competitive tourism industry both nationally and internationally.

Thematic programs will be further developed in fields of knowledge like economy and management, new digital media and communication technologies and sustainable development. The ambition is to develop research and education on an international level. The academic community shall contribute and be a competitive advantage for a tourism industry with world-class innovation and value creation

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