JustTransform: Enabling a sustainable, just, and inclusive green and digital transformation

Norwegian economy and the labour market are undergoing a process of change to meet goals for a green transition. In many industries and sectors, digitalization is a central part of the solution. How will a twin green and digital transition affect the labour market?

Vestlandsforsking and Norce, with support from IfM Engage (UK) will study this in the project JustTransform. The study starts with exploring policy strategies at the global, European, national, and regional levels to investigate how narratives of sustainability and inclusion contribute to visions of a desired future. The next part focuses on the practical and organizational level, examining how political narratives about a sustainable future are reflected among key stakeholders in a region with active engagement in the green transition. Through labour market statistics, a survey, and interviews with business leaders and regional authorities, we examine how goals for the twin green digital transitions affect and are translated into practice in the region. In dialogue with educational institutions, we will investigate how the requirements and needs related to the new green and digital economy are reflected and prepared for in the education sector. Finally, we will interview employees in companies from the same region to build knowledge about how individuals experience participation alongside competence and skill requirements in a labour market striving to meet the demands of the green and digital transitions. Exploring individuals' access to opportunities and experiences of risk will provide insights into how a broader set of social categories such as gender, age, ethnicity, social background, and education enable or hinder participation in the new green-digital labour market. In this way, we aim to fill today's knowledge gaps regarding how different demographic groups are affected by new patterns in the labour market and develop recommendations for how to enhance just and equitable processes and outcomes.

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