Developing a network of actors to stimulate demand for locally produced biodiesel from used cooking oils

The objective of BioDieNet is the promotion of localised biodiesel production for transportation purposes, by means of the active involvement of local Energy Agencies in more than 10 European countries. The action will establish a working network of Energy Agencies, working closely with their associated local municipalities and regional governments and other market actors across Europe who are engaged in or planning to be engaged in the supply of locally-produced biodiesel from used cooking oils. The network will provide specific, practical information, education, dedicated tools and support to help set up and maintain projects which result in greater uptake of locally-produced biodiesel by public and private vehicle fleets as well as individual vehicle owners. Through the involvement of Energy Agencies traditional barriers of centralized biodiesel structures are addressed to enable easier introduction in higher concentrations (20-100%), reduce high risks involved for potential biodiesel producers, and create localized supply chains.

The project will in addition provide a comprehensive synthesis of existing knowledge and experience in the field including a set of case studies demonstrating how existing local biodiesel projects have been established, the barriers they have faced and how successful they have been in overcoming them

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