Marta Karoline
Academic title:

Marta has a master's degree in Ecological Toxicology from the University of Tromsø (2010) and a bachelor's degree in General Biology from the same university (2007), in addition to several courses in Arctic Biology at the University Center in Svalbard. Her master's thesis is entitled "The antioxidant system of arctic seabirds and the effect of HOCs on antioxidant capacity of kidney tissue" and looks at how the antioxidant defense of Arctic seabirds is affected by environmental toxins. Marta was appointed at Vestlandsforsking in 2019. She has a background in climate and environment in municipal administration (2015-2019) and has worked at the Arctic research station in Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard), for the Norwegian Polar Institute (2011-2015).

Her research interests are how climate change can affect emissions of environmental toxins and pollution, healthy climate adaptation and risk assessment, conservation of natural diversity and natural resources, increased food security and cross-border climate risks (climate changes in other countries that can affect Norway).

In the center management at the The Norwegian Research Centre on Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation (Noradapt), Marta is in charge of client service, which means that organisations may contact her to obtain advice on climate adaptation. She can help you get in touch with a broad network of professionals within climate adaptation. Noradapt is constantly looking for input on climate challenges and measures that should be advanced more.