UNCHAIN invites experts to the International Reference Group


In order to best achieve the goals of our project, we have established an International Reference Group (IRG) and invited experts from different countries and institutions to join. The group involves high-level experts and organizations with advanced knowledge of climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation in various decision-making contexts.

The group comprises 14 members from 11 different institutions, among others: Finance Norway, Tecnalia, Fondazione CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici, United Nation University and a former representant of TNO innovation for life.

The experts in the International Reference Group cover a wide range of experience and expertise, including climate adaptation and vulnerability assessments, the insurance industry and climate risks, as well as coordination of relevant research programmes, such as EEA ETC/CCA, Climate-ADAPT, DG CLIMA Adaptation Modelling.

The International Reference Group will be providing feedback to the project partners on the research objectives, methods, and results. Moreover, the reference group can provide recommendations for potential improvements and dissemination of the research findings. Therefore, IRG members are expected to:

• Participate at the annual general assemblies of the project and to a few virtual meetings (maximum once a year)

• Read project information published during the project

• Be available for direct contact, should the need arise

The first meeting of the IRG on 28 April 2020, was a success with many good discussions and knowledge exchange. This motivated the group to set up an online platform in order to facilitate further communication between meetings.

The next meeting of the IRG will take place in mid-June 2020.