Transform – local transformation towards a low emission society

Project activity


The message is clear, world leading scientists have warned us that our current actions are not enough to meet the target of a maximum of 1.5°C increase in temperature since the industrial times. Beyond this level the risk of irreversible climate changes will be immense, likely causing draughts, melting ice caps, and a raising sea level, not even talking about the impact on humanity and our social standards.

As a municipal member it is your responsibility to help reach that temperature target within your municipality by encouraging local households to reduce their emission levels. Review and implement known municipal policies, gain insight into possible changes, and push change to the edge in order to reach the necessary emission targets.

Although municipal members can choose from a variety of policy actions, there will be some challenges with the implementation as many policies require support from varying municipal council members to be approved. As such it is important to discuss the current state of the municipality and pick the mose suitable policies to reach the communal goal.

Even when working together, it is important to keep an eye on the cost society pays for your decision. Change is not always wanted, and municipal inhabitants could oppose the policies supported by the municipality. Change may be necessary but pushing change to the edge too often will drive a society against the system.