Towards improved adaptation action in Europe

June 2023

The UNCHAIN project was concluded with the publication of a policy note which summarizes policy-relevant insights from the project and recommendations to various levels of authority on how to improve the way of analyzing the physical climate risk.

  • Policymakers can make adaptation “smarter” by using the Impact Chain approach to analyse both conventional local climate risks and lesser well-known transboundary climate risks.
  • Policymakers should embrace uncertainties by applying a reflect-then-act rather than the predict-then-act approach; by including socio-economic scenarios for a range of possible developments, from likely to unanticipated; and by ensuring transparency in communications.
  • International actors can invest in method innovation, data collection and decision-support tools to identify and assess transboundary climate risks. They should also foster greater cooperation in adaptation planning and implementation across jurisdictions.
  • Policymakers and relevant stakeholders should engage throughout the climate risk assessment process, to co-develop climate information and solutions that capture their needs, knowledge and perspectives and that account for social vulnerability and equitable adaptation.