The main aim of SeSam4 is to allow smaller, specialized groups and organizations to enter the semantic world by providing easy conversion, low-cost solutions and understandable processes.

SeSam4 will contribute to bridge the gap between unstructured, informal indexes generated by current text mining methods, and structured semantic information needed for interoperability between multiple content management systems. The SeSam4 project will establish methods and standards for a simplified, structured, step-by-step process to establish a semantic, manoeuvrable knowledge model for particular business sectors of industries.

The project will set up three cross-sector pilots to demonstrate the practical results of the main project. The 3 pilots will also represent a valuable tool for the participants in their market communications. The thematic focus of the pilot will be tourism, construction (buildings), and an online business index. Vestlandsforsking will lead the work with the tourism pilot.

The pilot "On board" shows the use of semantic technology combined with GPS information to give passangers on board the express boat from Sogndal to Bergen information about interesting places, buildings, events ++ along the route. Here is a video on Youtube showing the pilot.

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