Polish Outdoor Learning

The Project will examine, through Outdoor Learning (OL) approaches, whether woman NEETs can be activated to engage in society and develop a sustainable framework for the model to be applied by stakeholders across Europe. It addresses the main challenge of woman NEETs who are unengaged in education, training, or employment.

This project aims to develop solutions that provide NEET women with a stimulating and innovative means to develop life and professional skills thus enabling them to become active citizens in their regions. The programme will engage 67 women NEETs and 13 trainers and researchers by transferring the experience from Western Norway Research Institute to the Beneficiary Region.

Partners will learn theoretical/practical aspects of the Outdoor Learning model and, with aid of Expertise Partners, train trainers. They will use the Outdoor Learning approach to create an alternative, appealing and engaging means to connect with woman NEETs. Through the programme participants will recognize strengths/talents, strengthen soft skills, build self-esteem/self-awareness, and fortify attitudes for employment. Woman NEETs will then build their professional career paths, learn about labor changes, and prepare for job seeking.

To ensure the success of the Project a comprehensive evaluation methodology and policy recommendations will be applied at cross-sectorial/cross-country levels. This will inform Guidelines and tools which will be created to inform Public Authorities, Regional/Local Authorities, and other stakeholders on how apply the model in their regions. A dedicated communication campaign including annual  international events and use of Internet platforms will promote Project outputs/outcomes.


Poland project
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Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), Poland (EEA Fund of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)
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Senior Researcher and EU-Advisor
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Researcher and Group Leader Teksam
Senior Researcher
  • kvinner utandørs

    Can a couple of nights in a tent and around the campfire make a difference for people who are in a difficult life situation, struggling to cope with everyday life, or feeling lonely? A Polish organization is testing out Norwegian-inspired outdoor activities as a form of group therapy. They draw on insight from Vestlandsforsking about the Norwegian outdoor tradition, commonly referred to as 'friluftsliv'.