Instead of focusing on uncertainties embedded in climatic changes and their consequences for society, we will focus on how to act given such uncertainties. Furthermore, our project initiative rests on the assumption that time is scarce; we have to act sooner rather than later.

Our project aims at providing better knowledge about acting under conditions when the two aspects uncertainty and time pressure come together.  In order to do so we want to gain insights from previous situations where humanity has been forced to act quickly and make decisions with far-reaching consequences in an environment of great uncertainty. Thus, the potential main project will seek to address to following questions:

  1. To which extent can experience from management of other (environmental) crises improve decision support in climate policy?
  2. What mechanisms, both at individual and system level, seem to enchance and restrain our ability to make decisions under uncertainty and time pressure?
  3. How can scientific knowledge about an emerging crisis effectively be translated into policy decisions and public action?
  4. What determines public support for policy measures in the case of large decisions under large uncertainties and with existential values at stake?
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