Local and regional vulnerability to climate change policy

Norway has developed a comprehensive set of policy measures for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The current target is 80 percent reduction of GHG emissions by 2050. Lately also adaptation to climate change has gotten on the policy agenda. Mitigation policies and adaptation policies are however still treated as two different policy areas.

This scoping project will focus on a topic that bridges these: adaptation to mitigation policies. As development of renewable energy has received huge attention both in terms of policy instruments development and research the last decade, this scoping project will focus on how municipalities and counties are affected from the impacts of mitigation policy on means of transportation, land use and planning. The scoping project will be carried out with research partners in the NORD-STAR Nordic centre of excellence and user partners in the Norwegian municipalities of Sandnes and Stavanger and the county of Sogn and Fjordane.

The project will consist of three parts 1)Develop a methodology to be used by local and regional government to asses their vulnerability for implemented and proposed mitigation policies. 2) A workshop with partners from the project municipalities for develop a main research project. 3) Develop a research project proposal for the Western Norway Regional Research Fund.

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