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Carlo holds a master in Nature conservation from the Agricultural University of Norway (1987) and took his PhD at the University of Aalborg in 2002. The title of his thesis was “When is Change Change? From nature protection to sustainable development in Norwegian municipalities”. He has been working at WNRI since 1990; since 1999 as head of the environment research group. Carlo has prior to WNRI worked as an environmental adviser in the municipality of Ølen (1988-90) and has since 1996 been involved together with his wife in a farm restaurant specialising on organic and local food ( Carlo has worked with a number of large research prjects funded by the Norwegian Research Council as well as international EU financed projects.

As from 1st of September Carlo works in addition as professor II at the University College og Sogn og Fjordane, in which he will take part in teaching at the Master in Climate Change Management.