Residual animal fat and fish for biodiesel production


The potential for biodiesel production based on utilization of residual animal fat and fish in Norway is estimated. This is based on a study of the amounts of residual fat that is possible to recover from grease traps in Bergen. Additional data from Trondheim and Oslo facilitated up-scaling to estimating national potential for utilizing this residue stream for biodiesel production. This is supplemented with data on residues fram slaughterhouses and poultry, as well ad the fishing industry. The results indicates that Norway has the potential for producing large amounts of biodiesel from these residue sourced.

Andersen, O. and Weinbach, J. E. (2010): Residual animal fat and fish for biodiesel production. Potentials in Norway. Biomass & Bioenergy. Volume 34 – Issue 8, p. 1183-1188.