Renewable strategies? Implementing and commercialising new energy technologies

The project focuses on conditions of innovation, implementation and commercialisation of new renewable energy technologies, emphasising industrial development. What challenges are companies in this area facing, what are their possibilities to utilise new possibilities in different parts of the value chain, and how is their interaction with R&D communities, suppliers, public authorities and other supporting actors? Are there differences with respect to the various types of renewable energy? What characterise successful companies in this emerging field? In the analysis, we draw on the abovementioned concepts of learning economies/social learning, innovation patterns, technology strategies, and replacement/reassembly/disruptive innovations. Thus, the main expected outcomes from the project will be:

- Contributions to the international research literature on innovation, implementation and commercialisation of new renewable energy technologies, above all through exploring the challenge of replacing older technologies with new renewable ones, drawing on the concepts of de-/re-assembly, disruptive innovations, and mainstreaming and substitution as strategies.

- Contributions to the international research literature with respect to the relationship between national and local conditions of establishing new renewable energy technology businesses, above all the relative importance of national goals of curbing CO2 emissions and local and regional need with respect to economic development and energy supply.

Thus, the project aims to contribute basic social science research about new renewable energy and improve the understanding of innovation and implementation. The latter will have a particular focus with respect to the dynamics involved in activities of replacement/de-/re-assembly/disruption, which has not been studied so much previously. In addition, the project will produce useful information and insights about companies entering into the field of new renewable energy.

Finansiert av:
Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane, The Research Council of Norway