H2020 Privacy Enhancing Personal Data Eco System (DATASAFE)

We live in a data driven society. Privacy protection has become an elusive goal in this. There is an increasing fear among people that too much of their (personal) data is being collected.  The lack of transparancy of what is actually done with their data, who has access, when, from where, adds more fuel to this fear. This is especially true as we become more datafied, whether we like it or not.  For example, aspects of our (physical) world are rendered into data (e.g., GPS coordinates for location-aware services, "likes" on Facebook, retweets on Twitter). The control is reduced the more you become datafied. Which is exactly the opposite of what people want.

We will develop an innovative (virtual) environment, which will be trustworthy, open source, and efficient implementations to allow users with the functionality they require without exposing any more information than necessary, and without losing control over their data, to any third parties.

The project will have an significant impact on the current state-of-art of privacy enhancing technologies, both from a scientific and technological point of view. The efficacy of the approach will be validated with pilots. We focus on implementing DATASAFE solutions in an easy-to-use way to motivate secure handling of personal data. In order to also address security, privacy, ethics and trust issues, we will investigate assurance and resilience approaches for enhancing underlying services. To empirically evaluate our work and to produce outputs of a high technical, we will consider pilots from two different sectors. 

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