VRI4 - Competence brokerage

Sogn og Fjordane county council v. The Depmtment of lndustry and Culture has awarded Vestlandsforsking one of three roles as competence broker for the year 2019 in a project: Mobilization for research-based innovation in Sogn og Fjordane 2017-2019. (VRI4). The new roles will be aimed at companies that drive innovation in technology and ICT in Sogn og Fjordane.

The three who are now assigned the roles, Vestlandsforsking, Kunnskapsparken in Sogn and Fjordane and Segel AS, will work closely together. Competence brokerage is an activity where the competence broker / R&D environment provides assistance to companies and public agencies in finding the right R&D competence for development projects. VR14 is anchored in the Value Creation Plan for Sogn og Fjordane 2014 - 2025. VRI is part of a program for regional innovation launched by the Norwegian Research Council.

VR14 Sogn og Fjordane now has six thematic areas offocus:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Agriculture
  3. Tourism
  4. Seafoods (Aquaculture and Fisheries)
  5. Knowledge industries (KIFT) - indirectly via the R&D staiter package
  6. Technology and ICT

This is how a competency broker works

  1. Mapping and identifying companies with a view to identifying the needs and opportunities for R&D projects, and then contacting / seeking them out.
  2. lnform about possible support schemes.
  3. Connect the company with the R&D environment and researchers, who can cany out the R&D project.
  4. Help the company, any partners and the researcher to apply for R&D support.
  5. Stay informed on the progress of the R&D project.
  6. Help i.denti.fy current R&D programs for further R&D.

In addition, the competence broker is expected to initiate a networking meeting, which is creative collections with object knowledge sharing, networking and/ or idea development. The goal of a network meeting is usually to mobilize more companies and research environments to find solutions to the problems the actors may have, remain alone or joint.

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