Text alliance: sustainability in cultural production with a focus on literature festivals

Tekstallianse has started a collaboration with LitfestBergen and Nordisk Hus in the Faroe Islands which will be about cultural production and green transformation, and in connection with LitfestBergen in February 2022, Tekstallianse will arrange a conversation about digital distribution of literature and literary conversations, and how this affects the artistic process and exchange for the authors. On that occasion, Tekstallianse wants to launch a survey that collects data related to sustainability in cultural production with a focus on literature festivals, and then Tekstallianse wants to use the same survey in connection with other festivals such as Litteraturfestivalen på Lillehammer, Kapittel i Stavanger, Bjørnsonfestivalen, Litteratursymposiet in Odda and Good night, Oslo and more. There is an agreement between Vestlandsforsking and Tekstallianse that a survey on 'cultural production and green change' should be designed. It was concretized to: ‘Digital conversations below the festival ’. Vestlandsforsking will contribute to the project with the following:

- Contribute to designing a digital survey in the form of a questionnaire.

- Input to questions and formulation in collaboration with Tekstallianse

- Create an electronic questionnaire

- Create documents needed for NSD (information letter, questionnaire)

- Apply for approval from NSD

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