Talking in the rain: an entertaining show about the weather (RAINTALK)

Talking in the rain. An entertaining show about the weather (RAINTALK) is a series of performative talkshows

- or emergency council meetings. We explore research and scientific results in a language and format accessible outside of the academy, and search for ways to translate knowledge into action to tackle the effects of climate change. In RAINTALK, scholars and artists collaborate closely to design a talkshow that breaks down the dichotomies of mind/body and ait/science through methods and strategies from the performing arts. The project is designed and canied out in collaboration with Ferske Scener (Tromsø) and the artist collective Reality Research Center (Helsinki, Finland). The talkshows will be performed at festivals and science days in Norway and Finland, with live interventions from other places. Form and content will be tailored to and challenge the context they take place in.

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