Regional Challenges and possibilities - Innovation and value creation in business networks

RECIN shall contribute to the VRI programme's goal by investigating and generating knowledge about how interactions with different types of networks contribute to knowledge generation, innovation and value creation for the firms. Furthermore, the aim is to investigate and increase the knowledge about how publicly funded network construction programmes can stimulate and facilitate network based innovation. The research will focus on three perspectives:

  1. the global/international perspectives,
  2. the regional perspective and
  3. the firm perceptive.

The similarities and differences between these perspectives and the relations between them are a particular focus area.

A framework for network analysis, network building and network based innovation will be tested through the empirical investigations. It is our goal to further develop and validate this framework as a valuable asset in ongoing (regional) innovation networks. Empirical investigations will be undertaken in parallel in nine different networks in four different regions in Norway: Møre & Romsdal, Sogn & Fjordane, Rogaland and Østfold.

Theoretical contributions are expected related to networked based innovation in general and how conscious bridging of external and internal interactions can contribute to knowledge generation, innovation and value creation for the firms. In addition, it is our goal to contribute to both practice and theory building about the role and relevance of publicly funded network initiatives for innovation purposes. We expect the findings to have practical implication for national and regional policy making as well as regional policy implementation. The cross-regional and cross-institutional work in this project and the results of it will form a platform for developing stronger national research milieus across institutional borders.

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