Pre-project on climate adaptation in the national park municipalities

Lesja Municipality has, on behalf of Norway's national park municipalities, which has been used by the Environment Directorate for a preliminary project with the following objectives: Identify how adaptation to climate change can be included in the planning work used to fulfill criteria for obtaining a national park municipality status, criteria that are set or other requirements that the municipal plan can be used take into account the protected areas. A preliminary project will form the basis for a main project involving members of Norway's national park municipalities and where measures can be implemented that can be implemented in the national park municipalities to make it better equipped to meet climate change, information and skills enhancement on how climate change affects municipalities and lawyers. This will also be important at regional and national level.

The work in the preliminary project will see a national context and I, together with the brand Norway's national parks, under the brand's intentions, players under brands and local industry players who will make a mark in practice.

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