Future Raspberry Production System for Western Norway (FutuRaPS)

This project aims to research, develop, and to scientifically evaluate, the future robotic raspberry production for Western Norway, in close collaboration with the representatives from the whole food chain, including the large raspberry producer Sognabær, the largest interest organisation in the area of Sogn, Sogn Frukt og Grønt, and with support awarded from Grofondet (representing Bama,

Gartnerhallen and NorgesGruppen). The principal area for raspberry production in Norway, Vestland County, is characterized by small farming units, where much of the acreage is in steep terrain, and production is centred on polytunnels. Furthermore, the raspberry plants are typically grown directly in the soil, and thus susceptible to damage from root rot and overwintering. This has led to many growers moving to other crops in recent years, and contrasts with the long-cane production in pots typical in the rest of the EU.

It is important for Vestlandsforsking to build further upon our participation in one of the Capacity enhancement projects in Programme Forregion from the Research Council of Norway. Research-based technology innovation in Sogn og Fjordane (TEKNOLØFT Sogn og Fjordane) aims to strengthen a priority research area at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Vestlandsforsking with increased capacity and expertise on digitalization and automation, and make the R&D activities more relevant to the business community in Sogn og Fjordane.

This project will contribute to maximize the potential for digitalization, robotization and automation so that an important industry in our region can meet the challenges of the digital shift.

Vestlandsforsking will participate in project meetings and/or in steering committee meetings, co-supervising a PhD candidate and contributing to big data project meetings across work packages


Project leader er Martin Fodstad Stølen, HVL

Project owner er Eirin Fausa Pettersen, HVL

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Høgskulen på Vestlandet
Fieldwork Robotics Norway
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Sparebankstiftinga Sogn og Fjordane
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